Armagh City Townscape Heritage, 43 Upper English Street, Armagh

Historical image of 1 Seven Houses

Seven Houses by A.G. Massey. Armagh County Museum Collection. Courtesy of Armagh County Museum.

The Armagh City Townscape Heritage Scheme (TH) is a National Lottery Heritage Funded Regeneration Programme that aims to “repair, reinstate and bring back into full sustainable use the buildings identified within the Action Plan which contribute to the historic townscape character of Armagh City Conservation Area.”

One of the key achievements of the project was the reconstruction of 43 Upper English Street (previously No 1 Seven Houses), the missing end property from the listed Seven Houses terrace, a row of seven houses of architectural and historical merit dating from 1774. The original building was demolished in 1957 after a fire, leaving a gap in the corner site that disrupted the harmony and character of the area and was a loss to the community. The new building, which provides both commercial and residential units, has restored the historic continuity and enhanced the built environment.

The Armagh TH regeneration project will bring 28 noteworthy, underused buildings in the city’s conservation area back into use. The ambitious five-year scheme will conserve the built heritage of two cluster sites within the City’s Conservation Area, transforming the historic streetscape and revitalising Armagh City’s economic core. The project has secured £6.3m in funding from ABC Council, National Lottery Heritage Fund, and private property owners.

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Photograph of restored 43 Upper English Street

43 Upper English Street restored. Courtesy of Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Council.