Introduction to Heritage Trust Network

Heritage Trust Network logo
A brief webinar to introduce partners, funders, potential new members and other organisations to the work of Heritage Trust Network.

What is Heritage Trust Network? Who are our members? What do we do for them? What makes us different from other national heritage organisations? Should your organisation join? Should you recommend people to join? Could you be working in partnership with us? Join this webinar to find out.

Who should attend?
  • People thinking about, or in the process of, forming a group to rescue and re-use a local heritage building, structure or space
  • Community organisations thinking about taking on, or have already taken on, a historic building or garden
  • Established organisations managing historic sites, who are not yet members
  • Businesses that work with the heritage sector
  • Professionals from funders and partner organisations
  • Local authorities considering the future of their local heritage assets

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