Managing Vegetation on Historic Buildings & Sites

Learn about appropriate removal of vegetation from buildings, managing habitats and invasive species.

Vegetation such as climbers can be an attractive and characterful addition to heritage structures, as well as providing food and habitats for a variety of wildlife. However, to ensure that buildings remain in good condition, vegetation growth should be managed to prevent structural damage. In this short in-person workshop at the historic Lissan House & Demesne, experts from Historic Environment Division works team and Northern Ireland Forest Service will discuss appropriate solutions for managing vegetation on historic buildings and sites from both environmental and heritage-led viewpoints.

Who should attend?

This workshop is open to anyone with an interest in maintaining historic buildings and sites, from building owners and custodians to those specifying or undertaking remedial works.

Topics Covered
  • Identifying vegetation and issues caused by vegetation growth
  • How to remove different types of vegetation (including H&S considerations)
  • Environmental considerations (habitats)
  • Managing & removing invasive species
  • Pruning & thinning
  • Use of herbicides

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