Protecting the Value of our Built Heritage

• Do we really care about our built heritage?
• Why are so many historic buildings ‘at risk’?
• How can we safeguard these heritage assets for the future?

We frequently see the demise and demolition of valuable historic buildings, the Orpheus (2015), the Victorian buildings on North Street Upper (2016) and more recently Gilpin’s Factory (2020) and Havelock House (2023). Meanwhile, other significant buildings in Belfast are being successfully reused and brought back to life, such as 2 Royal Avenue and Carlisle Memorial Church, each a testament to the efforts of their champions, campaigners and officers. We stand to learn much from these success stories to address our built heritage that remains at risk. In this Pecha Kucha event led by Queen’s University’s Heritage Hub, we will learn from some of those involved in the campaigns to save buildings at risk, and invite an open discussion about the value of our heritage buildings.

Chaired by Dr Agustina Martire from QUB.

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