(via The Heritage Fund)

The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has already had a seismic impact on all elements of our lives.

First of all on the people whose health – and that of their families, friends and colleagues – has been affected. And to anyone who has felt anxiety or fear or general discomfort at our worlds closing in due to the government’s advice to stay at home.

We began to gather anecdotal evidence of the impact on some of the organisations we support as the initial social distancing measures were announced. But it quickly became clear we needed to hear from more of our friends and colleagues in the sector. One of our first reactions to the crisis was therefore to initiate research with grantees and heritage organisations to really understand the impact the virus and the associated measures were having.

The survey opened on Friday 20 March and closed at 5pm on Friday 27 March. On 24 March, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced compulsory ‘stay at home’ measures for the UK's population.

We sent the survey to 1,424 grantees who had received a grant of over £250,000 within the last 10 years. We also published the link on our website and shared it on social media. 

We received 1,253 replies, of which 479 returned from the email. The replies came from across the UK, cross sector and size of organisation. 

The research took place during a period of rapid change and we received responses throughout the week that it was live. That means that the restrictions in place and support available may have varied for different respondents. This is something to bear in mind as you read the findings, but we believe the responses still provide invaluable insight.

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