UK Heritage Pulse – a collaborative research project for the UK’s heritage sector

UK Heritage Pulse is a collaborative research project for the UK’s heritage sector, creating a broad and diverse community – and we want you to be part of it.

The information you share through our quarterly UK Heritage Pulse surveys will help shape our strategy and funding approaches. In return, you’ll receive updates with actionable insight that you can use in your organisation.

Tom Walters, our Head of Research, Data & Insight, said: “We want all of our work at the Heritage Fund to be grounded in the views and experience of people working in heritage.”

Who is UK Heritage Pulse for?

UK Heritage Pulse is open to anyone that manages or supports any type of heritage in the UK, no matter how small or large. From historic buildings to museums and archives, and organisations that work in the natural environment to improve habitats, conserve species and connect people to their landscape. We also want to hear from organisations who work with cultural heritage, traditions and celebrations, capturing stories as well as collecting and preserving objects.

We’ll be asking you to share your organisation’s views and experience about the topics that are most relevant and pressing to the sector. The findings will help us drive recovery and reinvention post-COVID-19.

Initial topics are likely to include:

  • organisational resilience
  • financial health
  • public engagement
  • COVID-19 secure experience
  • diversity and inclusion

The difference UK Heritage Pulse will make

Your feedback will influence decision making at the Heritage Fund, at our UK Heritage Pulse partners Historic England, as well as our collaborators, including the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, the Department for Communities in Northern Ireland and Wildlife and Countryside Link.

Keeping in touch with the sector ensures that the work we do and the decisions we make are relevant to you:

But we also recognise that the heritage sector is still under pressure.

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