How the Heritage Sector is Working Together

Sustaining our historic environment is a financial and logistical challenge, a challenge not unique to here. Communities across the world are attempting to balance their immediate economic health with their long-term prosperity. The most successful use their heritage to regenerate their cities, towns, and countryside. They reimagine their heritage assets to anchor them in a globalised world.

Heritage Delivers is an alliance of heritage organisations, connecting the sector to protect and promote the value of Northern Ireland’s historic environment.

Vision for the sector

Northern Ireland’s rich diverse historic environment is protected, values and recognised for the role it plays in shaping our identity, supporting our prosperity, strengthening our society and benefitting everyone.

Audleys Castle

Audley's Castle © Crown DfC Historic Environment Division.

Heritage Delivers Mission

To champion the protection, preservation, regeneration, understanding and enjoyment of the historic environment for present and future generations.

We aim to do this through:

  • Working collaboratively to demonstrate value
  • Raising awareness of how the historic environment can provide prosperity and progress for people
  • Seeking to maximise resources and support for the historic environment
  • Promoting placemaking that celebrates the built heritage environment and the stories of our people
Slow Food Festival 2019

Slow Food Festival 2019. © Derry City and Strabane District Council

Areas of focus

  • Strategy and purpose
  • Advocacy/communication
  • Funding, resourcing and resilience
  • Placeshaping
  • Data
  • Sustainability
Bothy  Murlough Bay Courtesy Of Ulster Architectural Heritage

Bothy, Murlough Bay © Ulster Architectural Heritage

Partners and Working Groups

Heritage Delivers is an alliance of heritage organisations. To learn about our partners, click here

We also have working groups to support our Areas of Focus. To find out more, click here

2 Royal Ave Skyline

2 Royal Ave Belfast, detail. © Ulster Architectural Heritage