Investing in Creative Delivery – A Report from the Culture, Arts and Heritage Taskforce

This is a report from the Culture, Arts and Heritage Strategy Taskforce to the Department for Communities (DfC). It addresses the Terms of Reference for the Taskforce and makes recommendations on the core approach and key components of a sectoral strategy that DfC can subsequently bring forward to:

  • provide definitive policy affirmation by the Northern Ireland Executive, and support a whole of government approach which recognises and enhances the direct contribution and stimulus provided by culture, arts and heritage across wider social, economic and environmental policy areas;
  • support the culture, arts and heritage ecosystem and tackle imbalances & barriers;
  • align and amplify other sectoral strategies and initiatives being taken forward by local government and by public bodies which form and support the region’s culture, arts and heritage infrastructure;
  • engage people and communities in building momentum for the extent of policy affirmation and whole of government approach to which a strategy will aspire.

To download the report click here.