How Heritage Delivers

Our heritage is our authentic voice and distinctive character. It is the basis for our confidence, our prosperity, and our health. Heritage creates value through tourism, but that’s only its most obvious benefit. Nurturing a living past is essential to health and wellbeing, cultural and economic regeneration, and a shared sense of optimism.

As an alliance of Northern Ireland’s heritage organisations we believe that protecting and investing in our heritage is essential to creating a better future. Our heritage supports our prosperity, strengthens our society, and shapes our character.


When we invest in heritage we support business growth, increase tourism, attract new business and create jobs. UK studies show that the historic environment offers a high return on investment.


When we invest in heritage we boost education, health, employment and wellbeing. Integrating heritage into policy-making will improve people’s lives.


When we invest in heritage we are protecting and celebrating the character of our region and its people. This is essential to a peaceful, prosperous and progressive future.